Medication exposure patterns in primary care patients prescribed pharmacogenetically actionable opioids

Qualitative Report – This study’s purpose was to develop a typology of subgroups of patients who share common patterns of medication exposure. To create the typology, we used an exemplar sample of 30 patients in a large public healthcare system who had been prescribed the pharmacogenetically actionable opioids codeine or tramadol.

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Physician-Reported Benefits and Barriers to Clinical Implementation of Genomic Medicine: A Multi-Site IGNITE-Network Survey

Journal of Personalized Medicine – To understand potential barriers and provider attitudes, we surveyed 285 physicians from five Implementing GeNomics In pracTicE (IGNITE) sites about their perceptions as to the clinical utility of genetic data as well as their preparedness to integrate it into practice.

Opportunities to implement a sustainable genomic medicine program: lessons learned from the IGNITE Network

Genetics in Medicine – Here we describe the findings from the National Human Genome Research Institute’s (NHGRI) Implementing GeNomics In pracTicE (IGNITE) Network in identifying key constructs, opportunities, and challenges associated with driving sustainability of genomic medicine in clinical practice.

Implementation, adoption, and utility of family health history risk assessment in diverse care settings: evaluating implementation processes and impact with an implementation framework

Genetics in Medicine – This paper describes the implementation outcomes associated with integrating a family health history–based risk assessment and clinical decision support platform within primary care clinics at four diverse healthcare systems.

Role of genetic testing in patients undergoing percutaneous coronary intervention

Expert Review of Clinical Pharmacology – The present manuscript provides an overview of genetic factors associated with response profiles to platelet P2Y12 receptor inhibitors and their clinical implications, as well as the most recent developments and future considerations on the role of genetic testing in patients undergoing PCI.

Developing a Common Framework for Evaluating the Implementation of Genomic Medicine Interventions in Clinical Care: The IGNITE Network’s Common Measures Working Group

Genetics in Medicine – This paper describes the Implementing GeNomics In PracTicE (IGNITE) Network’s efforts to promote: 1) a broader understanding of genomic medicine implementation research; and 2) the sharing of knowledge generated in the network.